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I was reading Ben Casnocha’s excellent blog tonight when I stumbled upon the following:

Given that customers lie, sometimes we have to extract information indirectly. Instead of asking customers how much they would pay for a hypothetical product, ask them how much they’re currently paying for however it is they’re solving the problem that you are trying to solve. (Please read the full post here)

Ben was talking about product development and marketing for startups specifically, but it got me thinking: How often do my clients really know what they want? Are they capable of communicating that effectively? What processes must we use to extract that information?

I know I spend a good deal of my time in workshops, demos and interviews trying to determine exactly what the client is looking for. In the end, however, we make lots of changes toward the end as the system comes together and differences in understanding get resolved.

What processes/systems/tools do you use to get at exactly what your clients and customers want? I’d love to hear some ideas.

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